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Hammarby town project in China

Nordicflexhouse is part of a Hammarby town project in China of 41km2 in a  city called Chibi near Wuhan. See homepage of the project:

See presentation of the project

Nordicflexhouse is responsible for establishing an Eco village and a Nordic Industry base, where Nordic technology companies and building industry can place their business and be part of the Hammarby town project.

Smart city conference in Beijing and Yantai 20-24th April 2020

  • Blockchain and Finance (Beijing)
  • Smart Ecology (now further discussing scope) (Beijing)
  • Smart Healthcare (Beijing and Yantai)
  • Smart Mobility (Beijing and Yantai)
  • Green Food (food safety) (Beijing and Yantai)
  • Smart marine economy (Yantai)
  • Intelligent manufacturing (Yantai)

More information 

Invitation to Changsha’s yearly prefab conference

CC40 and Nordicflexhouse like to invite you to Changsha’s yearly prefab conference 12-15 October.

See the program here.

We offer a full service package for two persons that cover Conference participation, Expo participation, where you can have a booth, and also be part of the CC4.0 international Forum with Services delivered to companies and organizations for the whole year. The price is 2000 USD. If you are member of, you will get a 25pct discount of the service package price. See more information here (link to the enclosed Event invitation).

If you prefer only to participate in the Conference and will not like to be part of the CC4.0 International FORUM, the admission fee is 1000RMB per person.

More information about CC4.0 International FORUM. See here:  Introduction of CC4.0.

BioPod System Export

BioPod greenhouse. See here (

The Biopod has been developed by Nordicflexhouse, Wellfarmed, Consibio, Sunstone Water Group, SEGES and Århus University.

The BioPod is now exporting to China and India.

See article of the BioPod project (In Danish):

Demonstrating Nordic system solutions and Nordic co-operations for the Chinese market

The first Nordic-China cooperation conference focusing on planning excellence and smart system solutions in the areas of urban environment and the health care sector.

Key Chinese provinces, cities and companies are invited to present their needs and potentials for cooperation with Nordic companies and organizations.


See China projects where we invite Nordic companies to be join these projects:

More information. Contact Anders Thomsen, Nordicflexhouse (+45 52250493 +


Click here to register to the conference

Invitation to participate in Nordic Industripark project

Invitation to participate in Nordic Industripark project based on Construction 4.0. The event takes place 22-24 nov. 2018.

See the program here

See the introduction to the Nordic Industri park project here


See homepage of the Innocation and collation platform where Nordicflexhouse is part of this platform:


Invitation to Sino-Nordic Health Tech Match Making Conference in Zhejiang, China

Read and download full invitation here.

Here you can read and download full conference program.

The conference expect to takes place 12-14 march 2019.
For further information and registration, please contact Anders Thomsen, Nordicflexhouse 
(phone 52250493, email

Here you can see a ppt presentation of the Zhejiang area and the Healthtech Match Making Conference.

Here you can see a short description of some of the China participants in the Conference




Conference 27th Sept 2018 in Haining

The 2018 Haining International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference will be held by China Association for Science and Technology, as an important activity of the China Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week.

There will be a round-table conference and 5 roadshows about advanced material and intelligent manufacturing.
We’d like to invite entrepreneurs, scholars and investors in the industries to attend the activity.

It will be held in Haining, Zhejiang, China on 27 Sept. 2018.

Read more


Greatop Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd and Nordicflexhouse have made collaboration partnership, helping Nordic Technology companies to China market.

The collaboration area:

a. Nordicflexhouse introduce Nordic Technology companies to Greatop
b. Greatop introduce China projects to Nordicflexhouse and Nordic technology companies.
c. Based on project results, a joint venture business model can be discussed between the Nordic Technology company and Greatop.

The target market segment of collaboration would be:

a) Air purification in residential market, Industry, Schools, Eldery care and Public hospitals.
b) Water treatment in municipality using membrane technology (MBBR).
c) Water treatment for industries (like the plating industry) with filtration of metal from the waste + recover the metal.


Sino Nordic conference in Beijing October 2018

On behalf of Nordic Innovation and CAUPD we hereby invite you to a Sino Nordic conference October 2018. See enclosed tentative program.

Please do not hesitate to contact Anders Thomsen,  if you have any questions in regards to the conference.