NordicFlexHouse Co. is a private company wokring in the business field of open BIM, strategic partneship, complex solutions and export.

It has long been possible to produce  in factory complete houses of high technical quality and under controlled conditions. What is new is that digitization of the design and production process makes it possible to meet users’ individually needs withour increasing cost (mass customization).

We help you to meet the market’s many expectations of excellence, user-centered design, advanced functionality, minimal energy consumption and minimal maintenance. In addition, we assist you to ensure that the construction process will be short and that the the price keeps. We support you in the strategic partnership process, which includes construction companines, architects,engineers, manufacturers and contractors.

We have a special focus on the development of energy-efficient and sustainable system solutions for new building projects and retrofit projects (see figure below).



A system supplier is responsible for the design, production and assembly on site of the system product that can be a window delivery to an entire house. It often happens in a supply chain collaboration with other companies, but with the system owner as responsible for overall quality and service. A system solution consists of a number of components that together provide a system product with interfaces to the next system product of the building.

A system supplier work simultaneously with:

  • Sustainable and energy efficient concept to be optimized across projects.
  • An open BIM platform with reuse of data from sale, design, construction and facility management. We work with object orientered BIM models for visualization and simulation of system solutions.
  • A trimmed/automated design and constructon process (Lean).
  • A more simple delivery process using system suppliers  (Supply Chain Management).
  • A continuous improvement across projects.

What can NordicFlexHouse offer you?

What can NordicFlexHouse help you with?

  • NFH assist developing a system solution that can be sold on the Danish and global market. The system product is a modularized solution (consisting of number of components) that plug&play can be assemplied on site.
  • NFH assist developing business models and feasibility studies on global market for the involved partners in the system supply chain.
  • Open BIM platform for the mass customizered system solutions and a knowledge bank across of projects
  • NFH assist an experitarium and a prototype workshop, where we develop and test  future material and system solutions for uasability and key functions.
  • NFH offer consultancy andf cources about project management, business strategy, best practices, modularization  and configuration, digital product  catalog, building information modelling (BIM) and robot technologies within the construction sector.