Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster and Nordicflexhouse enter strategic partnership.

feb 20, 2018

The Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster (  and Nordicflexhouse have entered into a strategic partnership, whereby Nordicflexhouse will be a business development partner for Nordic Edge within smart city/urban solutions targeted at the Nordic and Chinese market. The sectors covered will be:

  1. a)Sustainable and green smart city solutions such as (but not exclusive to): water and waste treatment, air monitoring and purification, green city design and construction, green marine & agricultural solutions.
  2. b)Citizen engagement and involvement solutions such as (but not exclusive to): digital information distribution, personalized digital applications for smarter (city) communications.
  3. c)Smart city public services such as (but not exclusive to): smart government, healthcare, educational, vocational and/or entrepreneurial services.