Nordic home with big export potential

okt 2, 2020

Nordicflexhouse was Project manager of a Nordic built project with the title: Nordic home with big export potential.

The purpose of this Nordic built project was to develop configurable Nordic homes with high export potential for Nordic market and China market.

To develop, construct and demonstrate NordicHouse (NH) flexible housing platform developed across Nordic countries. The residential house is a villa house of about 150m2 and 180 m2 and a townhouse apartment of around 110-120m2 . The housing platform are built on box solutions in factory in the following sizes:

5×8 meter
5×10 meter
5×12 meter
A container size is: 2,5×12 meter.

A market study of prefabricated villa and townhouses in Nordic countries and China have been made. See the market reports here:

The prefabricated Nordic homes are developed using the Active House specifications and the Nordic Built charter. The houses are 2020 houses.

A demonstration project (see picture above) was terraced houses of 160m2 in KIL, Sweden, using the Nordic Built Charter, as illustrated in the figure below:

And the Active House principle, as shown here:

See video of the terrased houses made in factory of BM Byggeindustri:

A generic platform of the villa and town house have been developed through the full scale demonstration projects. The generic platform is a configurable BIM model of Villa and townhouses that document the design and construction process of the configurable villa and townhouse. So the generic platform transform the demonstration projects into customized villa and townhouses for the Nordic and China market place. Se figure below:

The platform allows SMEs to get exact specifications early in the design stage and constructor company to calculate the housing project early on a very precise basis. Also the order information can go direct into the production company.

More information. Please contact:

Anders Thomsen,


Phone: 52250493