Nordicflexhouse has won a GUDP project together with Alchemist Restaurant, Bugging Denmark, Copenhagen University and Water ApS (OxyGuard).

jan 20, 2022

Project title: Valorization of bio waste into circular production of bio-products and sustainable food system (BIOCIRCULAR)

The objective of BIOCIRCULAR is to valorize the food waste from co-ops/eco villages, restaurants, households and supermarkets into nutrients for the production of microgreens/lettuce, feed for insects and fish (tilapia) in containerized BIOCIRCULAR FARMS.

The project objectives are

1. Design and installation of BIOCIRCULAR FARMS (vegetable container, fish container, insect container) at Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen

2. Demonstrate an operational BIOCIRCULAR FARM for food waste valorization

3. Develop innovative business models for restaurants, eco-villages and supermarkets.