sep 7, 2020

Easy healthy food, reduced waste, circular economy, vertical farming, hydroponic.
Nordicflexhouse have in several innovation projects developed our Biopod solutions:
Midtnet China program:
VIDA BioPod program:
The Biopod solution is a vegetable ecosystem, where only energy, food waste and water are necessary value resources to produce healthy vegetables. The BioPod is an energy and water efficient solution, that supports the principles of circular economy (recycling in all value streams). See video of the BioPod here:
The BioPod solution is a closed food production that operates at the household or urban level, establishing food production based on hydroponic solution (water borne solution) and vertical farming, consisting of a number of Biopod containers, which are linked to a total food production chain.
A BioPod Greenhouse of 2000m2 is installed in Skive (Jutland) and also a 40f BioPod container is installed with different sort of growth media to produce vegetable (like Growing Lettuce, Microgreens, Tomatoes, Chili, Bell pepper). See the BioPod container presentation here: BioPod Container. See video of the BioPod container with fish to produce nutrient to tomato and cucumbers in a closed circular loop:

See homepage of BioPod container: Biopod Container | Nordic Flex House

We have BioPod installed in a Tiny house in Odder:
We are exporting the BioPod solution to China and India, through our local partners. In India it is the Govardhan Eco Village ( and in China it is the Zhejiang TOFine Sci&Tech Co., Ltd. (
More information. Contact Anders Thomsen, Nordicflexhouse (phone: +45 52250493,