Business area

NordicFlexHouse offers consultancy and courses within Project Management, Business Development, Configuration and Modularization, System Solutions, Future Sustainable Cities and Buildings in China.

NordicFlexHouse focus on four core business areas:

  • Management and Strategy development and implementation
  • System product development and supply chain management
  • BIM strategy and implementation
  • Eksperimentarium

Management & Strategy

  • Project Management Program
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Business Strategy
  • BIM Development and Implementation

System supply & System products

System product and delivery involves a total integration of the value chain and supply chain, as shown in the Figure 2 below. This means that a system supplier is responsible for the design, production and assembly at the construction site of system product which can be a facade solution or a whole house. It often happens in a supply chain collaboration with other companies but with the system owner who is responsible for overall quality and service.

System deliveries means:

  • Fewer disciplines in construction (total entries model or turnkey model)
  • Fewer parties to be connected with (each party delivers a more refined product)
  • A system supplier assumes greater responsibility (design/customization, product engineering, prefab, installation / assemply, operation service)
  • Higher quality, faster delivery, better economy for the supplier and the client
  • Incremental improvement of the total value and supply chain process across projects
  • Fixed parties in the supply chain across projects
  • Handle and measure the whole process

A system solution consist of a number of components that together constitute a system products easy to assemply and with interfaces to the next building product.

System products are often using off site manufacturing and how companies can optimize their production by thinking in system solutions. System products and delivery are also ways to transform the entire building into one large system solution, and thereby achieve a significantly shorter construction time and lower error rates. Do you have the idea that could revolutionize the construction industry, so we know for sure the partner who can help you get the idea to production. It is very important to establish the right strategic partnerships

BIM Strategi and Implementation

We are working strategically and systematically with anchoring BIM Best Practice to ensure each company full use of the tools and competencies.

Several Danish and international companies today use our solutions to be at the forefront of BIM and digital construction.

The core of everything we do is our project models to BIM. No other supplier in Denmark can deliver a holistic value creation at the level we have built. Most leading Danish BIM architects are using our solutions for implementation, development or inspiration in their development of own standards and working methods.


  • Generating ideas on future products and concepts
  • Prototyping using digital models, 3D printer and robots
  • Future Scenario
    Usability lab to test a new idea with users

Rapid Prototyping is a physical realization of virtual 3D models from CAD or animation software. Prototypes may consist of paper over plastic to various type of metals. It is even possible to create objects in concrete.