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Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster and Nordicflexhouse enter strategic partnership.

The Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster (  and Nordicflexhouse have entered into a strategic partnership, whereby Nordicflexhouse will be a business development partner for Nordic Edge within smart city/urban solutions targeted at the Nordic and Chinese market. The sectors covered will be:

  1. a)Sustainable and green smart city solutions such as (but not exclusive to): water and waste treatment, air monitoring and purification, green city design and construction, green marine & agricultural solutions.
  2. b)Citizen engagement and involvement solutions such as (but not exclusive to): digital information distribution, personalized digital applications for smarter (city) communications.
  3. c)Smart city public services such as (but not exclusive to): smart government, healthcare, educational, vocational and/or entrepreneurial services.


Welcome to Joanna

Welcome to Joanna as member of the EcoIndustrial Ecology Research Unit. Joanna is a second-year master student of Public Management in Sino-Danish Center at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Joanna will stay in Copenhagen for three months for her internship at NordicFlexHouse, and join the BioPod project funded by the Danish business authority, aiming at develop and test an aquaponics and Vermiponics prototype solutions for the Chinese market. During the Biopod project Joanna will support data collection for the environmental and economic feasibility assessment of the biopod prototype developed in DK and performed at AU.

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Polluters pay policy soon go nationwide

A pilot reform obliging polluter to pay hefty sums to repair the environment after causing major damage will go nationwide starting 2018, which will improve the efficiency of its efforts to protect the environment, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said.

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